IFERP cordially invites researchers and scholars around the world to attend the "International conference on Management, Engineering and Social Science (ICMESS-19)" which is going to held at Mumbai. It has various presentation like keynote speeches, oral presentation and poster presentation.

The main objective of the conference is to bring the leading professionals, researchers, academician, students and delegates from industry from fields of Engineering, Management and social science to discuss their views. The main aim of the conference is to provide solution for the complex problems faced in the field of management and social science by engineering techniques and also to discuss the new advancements in the field of engineering. This conference will give the great platform to participants to interact with expertise and to get feedback about their research work. This Conference does not only encompass all avenues of fields of engineering, management and social science and also to discuss the positive and inadvertent of modern technologies on the society.


Institute for Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP) is a multidisciplinary professional organization dedicated to Research and development within the field of science, engineering and technology. IFERP is a preponderant body that has brought technical revolution and development of science and technology. The IFERP-forum constitutes of professional experts and overseas technical leaders. There is no stone unturned to strengthen the spheres of science, engineering, and technology. These days IFERP is one among the leading publisher of research papers in its prime quality peer-reviewed journals, continuing and analysis magazine.

The Institute provides an excellent scope of research and development to genii and experts operating within the field of engineering by providing monetary aids by that economic constraints will not create a hindrance to the technical growth and analysis development. The institute is supported by its International advisory Board (IAB) that isn't restricted to the landmass rather we've intellects from geographical area to spice up our organization.

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